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Oral Intake

You will need to continue on optifast or free oral fluids for 2weeks after your lap banding. This is to ensure that food passes through the band easily, as the swelling in you stomach decreases. After 2 weeks you can start on a pureed diet, it is important if you have not seen a dietician prior to surgery that you see one in this period so you are on the right track when you are able to eat a normal diet. We can give you the name of a dietician we prefer to use.

Pain Relief

It is important that you take regular simple analgesia once you get home. Panadol and anti-inflammatory with food such as nurofen will help control pain. You may experience shoulder tip pain from the carbon dioxide used in the operation, hot packs or a wheat pack will help with this particularly when you are lying down.

Wound care

Leave your dressings on for four days post discharge, if these are soiled prior to discharge then ward staff should change them. These dressings are water proof and can get wet in the shower, just let the water run over them and pat dry with a towel. All stitches are underneath the skin, so nothing has to be removed.


Avoid heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks, as well as vigorous exercise. Gentle exercise such as walking can be undertaken. Most people will be fully recovered after 4 weeks including those who do manual labour. After 3 weeks ensure that you gradually increase the amount of exercise you undertake.

Follow up

Prof Barbour will see you 4 weeks after your operation at which time, he will begin to adjust your band. Tightening your band will make you feel full after eating a small amount of food and this feeling should continue until your next meal i.e. from breakfast until lunch. If you are feeling hungry in between meals then you will need to have your band tightened further. Please make another appointment to see Dr. Barbour. Alternatively if you are feeling like it is difficult to eat or pass any food through the band, you should see Prof Barbour and have the band loosened